Jean du Voyage & some Afro Soul

Start this mix here or click below to listen to the whole mix. Still not sure who this is but damn does it here somewhere near the bottom chakra, base level of existence. Afro/soul/voodoo/drums. On repeat for the next 3 hours.


Jean du Voyage, I’ve been stuck on a few of this guys songs. The first one is some solid progressive hip hop, a guy named Quadir Lateef. The second a dreamy Aaliyah-esque number with a solid back beat reminiscent of Mount Kimbie.

Thievery Corporation – El Ganzo Sessions

I sincerely never get tired of listening to Thievery Corporation. They recorded another version of their hit Lebanese Blonde. I have seen them and some combination of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton with or without the full band more times than I can count. But here is their latest version of pure gold filmed at the Underground Studio at Hotel El Ganzo

I have quite the obsession with Rob Garza and have followed him to lengths some may consider stalker-ish. But I always respect his space and understand he is not a fan of the spotlight and never really approach him. Even in this video he is wearing his shades and keeping his guard up. I’ve always really wanted to give him something to show my love and gratitude for his work but what do you give someone who probably has everything they need or want? Nothing, I just keep going to his shows and dancing in the front row like no one is watching. Unless its a light because the man likes to smoke, so I always pack a lighter.

FB3Sound on repeat

Sometimes you just can’t stop listening to the same tracks over and over again. This weeks obsession:

Here is his…nel/UC0oOwyumWKxCk_aCDh5o-pw


Spinning fire to the supreme illusion

I recorded this video almost a year ago when I first began spinning fire but finally decided to share it with the world and the nay-sayers. I still watch it and cringe a bit since my skill level has come a long way but its worth a share since everyone has to start somewhere. I finally get my fans back next week after a 2 month stay at the boyfriend’s place, why so long you ask? My next post will explain a bit of what has been going on in my life.


Juana Molina, Gesaffelstein, MØ

These are a few new albums/artists that I’ve been listening too lately.

Juana Molina  Album: Wed 21 It’s entrancing, you will find it on repeat for days if you let it take you there. The end of the album is the better half, slow build up.

Gesaffelstein Album: Aleph So very raw and dirty, I read someone called them the next Justice. I hope this album does take the electronic world to the next level. Hell Kayne has already snactched up some of his beats to call his own, yeah he’s that good.

MØ EP: Bikini Daze Danish girl with some pop I can get down with. 

CoCoRosie- Houston’s House of Blues 11/03/13

CoCoRosie comes to town and brings out the dirtiest & grungiest of Houston, I loved every minute of it. The show was just what I hoped for, avant garde, fresh, full of bass, with a healthy topping of theatrical weird.

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Mount Kimbie at Club DaDa Dallas TX 10/20/13

What can I say, this show was everything I expected it to be. I’ve been nothing but obsessed with this group since I listened to them at Burning Man. I had spent the last 5 days on the road at a festival up in Arkansas and had to stay over-night in Dallas just to catch them. Dallas isn’t my favorite city having grown up in Houston but I would follow this band to the stars and back. I was able to stand still long enough to shoot a few videos and pictures. The last picture is of a speaker that was knocked off its stand because the bass was just that deep. John Wayne came out and sung the rap for “You Took Your Time”. They mostly stuck to their new album “Cold Spring Faultless Youth” but came back with an encore I hadn’t yet heard. Overall I was deeply moved by the emotion this group invokes and I may have even shed a tear or two during “Home Recording.”

IMG_20131020_214849_651 IMG_20131020_222017_689 IMG_20131020_225343_723 IMG_20131020_231440_745

Chet Faker @ Fitzgeralds Houston, TX 9/18/13


Just wow, everything about this show was on point. Chet is touring with a live band that is not afraid of epic solos. The show was brimming with soul and emotion and Houston returned the love full force. Chet’s first time to our big wonderful state and he agreed everything is bigger in Texas, including the love. He played his new EP “Thinking in Textures” along with his youtube sensation “No Diggity” and came back for an encore (because we demanded it) and played ” Cigarettes & Chocolate.” Soulful, resonating, and just what people are looking for.

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