Chet Faker @ Fitzgeralds Houston, TX 9/18/13


Just wow, everything about this show was on point. Chet is touring with a live band that is not afraid of epic solos. The show was brimming with soul and emotion and Houston returned the love full force. Chet’s first time to our big wonderful state and he agreed everything is bigger in Texas, including the love. He played his new EP “Thinking in Textures” along with his youtube sensation “No Diggity” and came back for an encore (because we demanded it) and played ” Cigarettes & Chocolate.” Soulful, resonating, and just what people are looking for.

Chet Faker/ Mount Kimbe/ OMN/ Generationals

I have been stuck on Chet Faker for a few days and working through his soundcloud I found this mash-up gold. This Nicholas Jaar remix was composed for me, I’m convinced. Chet Faker + Mount Kimbie, get out of my head but stay in my heart, just kidding please stay. Chet Faker @ Fitzgeralds Houston, TX 9/18/13

Too many late night hours on youtube led me to this teenage genius. Only 19 look out world OMN is coming. Annnd last but not least, The Generationals, this duo hails from New Orleans but you’d never know it by their sound, something everyone can love, especially me.

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