Girly Grooves

Apparently I am late to the game but I have a new site I can’t stop looking at Thank you amazing Australian girl I met at the Chet Faker show two weeks ago for telling me about this gem. 8tracks is a music website that allows you to listen to mixes made by real people & make your own mixes and share them with the world. So here is my first mix, Girly Grooves. Just a collection of my favorite tracks by women I’ve found over the last 6 months, girl power!  And I’ve been slow on the uploads and reviews, much to come on Fun Fun Fun Fest. Enjoy this for now.

Juana Molina, Gesaffelstein, MØ

These are a few new albums/artists that I’ve been listening too lately.

Juana Molina  Album: Wed 21 It’s entrancing, you will find it on repeat for days if you let it take you there. The end of the album is the better half, slow build up.

Gesaffelstein Album: Aleph So very raw and dirty, I read someone called them the next Justice. I hope this album does take the electronic world to the next level. Hell Kayne has already snactched up some of his beats to call his own, yeah he’s that good.

MØ EP: Bikini Daze Danish girl with some pop I can get down with. 

CoCoRosie- Houston’s House of Blues 11/03/13

CoCoRosie comes to town and brings out the dirtiest & grungiest of Houston, I loved every minute of it. The show was just what I hoped for, avant garde, fresh, full of bass, with a healthy topping of theatrical weird.

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