GRiZ: Funk so hard, you’ll hurt yourself

I can not get enough of the latest GRiZ album. Some solid funk that would make even George Clinton proud. Highlights: PS GFY ft. Cherub, Feelin Fine, My Friends and I ft. ProbCause, Free download at  mynameisgriz  Now if I can scrape together the funds to see him Oct. 20 here in Houston it will be a mid-term dream come true. GRiZ got really big shortly after my live music hiatus began and I still haven’t seen him live.


Hopefully this post will grow, but for now here is a long smooth B-side Red Hot Chili Peppers- Christchurch Fireworks Music

Updated: 9/23/16

A whole B-side album I don’t think enough people have heard. With all the new Gorillaz buzz here is The Fall. The fall was written while on tour for the Plastic Beach album on an iPad.(Which I was lucky to catch and with a full brass band they did NOT disappoint) Each song is an ode to the city they were in at the time of the tour.

The Parish of Space Dust is the song written for my hometown: Houston, TX. But my favorite song of the album is Hillbilly Man written in New Jersey and Virginia.



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