Robert Gawliński – Smutne liście (Smolik mix)

Not trying to lose this track. Turn the base all the way up to get the full effect.Found this gem in a Balearic Bigos mix. Do your self a favor and check out some of their work.

Description from their soundcloud bio: Balearic Bigos is a monthly show on Berlin Community Radio hosted by Zambon (Transatlantyk/ The Very Polish Cut-Outs), playing rare, obscure and forgotten forward-thinking music from the past mixed with best contemporary stuff that’s not on the radar of most listeners (with a big emphasis on Eastern Europe).



Oh it hurts so good. I can’t listen to anything else and I’m perfectly content with that. This guy has soul for miles. Citizen Cope meets Al Green meets Barry White with a dash of Junior Kimbrough. Light the candles, turn off the phone, put this album on and thank me in the morning.

No spotify, no problem


Watch a video AFTER you fall in love, the man behind the voice will surprise you.


GRiZ: Funk so hard, you’ll hurt yourself

I can not get enough of the latest GRiZ album. Some solid funk that would make even George Clinton proud. Highlights: PS GFY ft. Cherub, Feelin Fine, My Friends and I ft. ProbCause, Free download at  mynameisgriz  Now if I can scrape together the funds to see him Oct. 20 here in Houston it will be a mid-term dream come true. GRiZ got really big shortly after my live music hiatus began and I still haven’t seen him live.


Hopefully this post will grow, but for now here is a long smooth B-side Red Hot Chili Peppers- Christchurch Fireworks Music

Updated: 9/23/16

A whole B-side album I don’t think enough people have heard. With all the new Gorillaz buzz here is The Fall. The fall was written while on tour for the Plastic Beach album on an iPad.(Which I was lucky to catch and with a full brass band they did NOT disappoint) Each song is an ode to the city they were in at the time of the tour.

The Parish of Space Dust is the song written for my hometown: Houston, TX. But my favorite song of the album is Hillbilly Man written in New Jersey and Virginia.



Wild Belle and more

I know I’ve been busy but how did I miss this gem? It’s all good, its on repeat now. All day reggae everyday.


Also this just needs another shout out because its timeless. The Beastie Boys instrumental album The Mix Up. Check out 14th Street Break and The Melee.


And lastly a slow jam a friend turned me onto. xoxo

Jean du Voyage & some Afro Soul

Start this mix here or click below to listen to the whole mix. Still not sure who this is but damn does it here somewhere near the bottom chakra, base level of existence. Afro/soul/voodoo/drums. On repeat for the next 3 hours.


Jean du Voyage, I’ve been stuck on a few of this guys songs. The first one is some solid progressive hip hop, a guy named Quadir Lateef. The second a dreamy Aaliyah-esque number with a solid back beat reminiscent of Mount Kimbie.


When I’m afraid I’ll never remember a song so I have to upload it stat because the jam is too good to forget.

Yesking- Hardground (DJ Vadim Mix)


Every Noise at Once

Yes yes yes, what every audiophile has been looking for. I heard about this site once but never caught the name of it. Every Noise is an algorithm site that has every genre and a snippet of the style for you to listen to. You can also click an arrow to take you to a page with a sample of artists from that genre. Of course I click my favorite genre chillwave and its Twin Shadow. I don’t know that I’d label the Mexican Morrissey  as chillwave but that’s really just splitting hairs on which album you’re listening to. Then I proceed to click into chillwave and am blown away by how accurate the bands listed are and how long I have been following this genre. Things I haven’t listened to since my first round of college almost ten years ago like Telepathe, Cold Cave, and Yeasayer. Further more if you click on each artist it will take you somewhere to listen to their music like Spotify. So go fellow music obsessed friends fill up your ear holes and thank me later.

Thievery Corporation – El Ganzo Sessions

I sincerely never get tired of listening to Thievery Corporation. They recorded another version of their hit Lebanese Blonde. I have seen them and some combination of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton with or without the full band more times than I can count. But here is their latest version of pure gold filmed at the Underground Studio at Hotel El Ganzo

I have quite the obsession with Rob Garza and have followed him to lengths some may consider stalker-ish. But I always respect his space and understand he is not a fan of the spotlight and never really approach him. Even in this video he is wearing his shades and keeping his guard up. I’ve always really wanted to give him something to show my love and gratitude for his work but what do you give someone who probably has everything they need or want? Nothing, I just keep going to his shows and dancing in the front row like no one is watching. Unless its a light because the man likes to smoke, so I always pack a lighter.

Macklemore The Magic

So he’s been around the block for a minute and I could get winded trying to tell people I got lucky and found him before he blew up (which I did) but that’s besides the point. I’ve been bumping The Heist since he dropped it thanks to scouring festival lineups and focusing on the names at the bottom of the list but I somehow never listed to The Language of My World. Now I’m stuck on the whole album but more specifically the song “The Magic.” I am all too familiar with “The Magic” and know quite a bit about casting, reality, and the “present.” See and for further information regarding that matter. But the internet is a funny tool and in making this post I was redirected to this girls youtube video which really made me smile seeing other women out there having a go at what’s happening. For anyone wishing to know more information on MAPS see I’ve been to a lecture held by Dr. Rick Doblin the founder of MAPS several years ago and if you ever have a chance to hear him speak or attend a workshop help by MAPS just go. Compassionate care is the foundation for my pursuit in the medical field. Even as I type this I’m studying for a test I have tomorrow in my medical classes but I can’t help but express myself artistically and remember why I began this journey to begin with. I remembered the magic

“I don’t do shrooms anymore ’cause I don’t need to explore all that I was looking for was the present. I remembered the magic”



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