Every Noise at Once

Yes yes yes, what every audiophile has been looking for. I heard about this site once but never caught the name of it. Every Noise is an algorithm site that has every genre and a snippet of the style for you to listen to. You can also click an arrow to take you to a page with a sample of artists from that genre. Of course I click my favorite genre chillwave and its Twin Shadow. I don’t know that I’d label the Mexican Morrissey  as chillwave but that’s really just splitting hairs on which album you’re listening to. Then I proceed to click into chillwave and am blown away by how accurate the bands listed are and how long I have been following this genre. Things I haven’t listened to since my first round of college almost ten years ago like Telepathe, Cold Cave, and Yeasayer. Further more if you click on each artist it will take you somewhere to listen to their music like Spotify. So go fellow music obsessed friends fill up your ear holes and thank me later.

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